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Preparing for your Anaesthetic

  • You must not eat for 6 hours before surgery
  • If you are pregnant/breast feeding please inform your anaesthetist
  • If your baby/infant is coming for surgery, starvation guidelines for bottle/breast feeding vary so please consult your anaesthetist beforehand
  • If you are ill before your elective surgery, please inform your surgeon/contact your anaesthetist before hospital admission as the surgery may need to be postponed until you are well enough
  • You may drink water, clear apple juice, Energade or black tea/coffee for up to 2 hours before surgery
  • By law, no patient is permitted to drive themselves home after a day case procedure, even if they have only received sedation, so please arrange transport prior to your hospital discharge
  • Complete your medical history on your anaesthetic consent form in full and bring it to hospital
  • Bring a list of all the medications you are currently taking with you to hospital.
  • Tell your anaesthetist and surgeon specifically if you use any of the following:
    • blood thinners – for example: Asprin, Ecotrin, Persantin, Warfarin, Plavix, Clexane, Xarelto, Traumeel/Arnica
    • herbal, homeopathic, traditional or alternative medicines or therapies (ideally these should be stopped 2 weeks before surgery)
    • cannabis or cannabis oil
    • gym supplements, performance enhancers, pre-workouts/post workouts, testosterone/testosterone boosters, EPO, growth hormone, fat burners or diet tablets
    • recreational drugs of any sort, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, snuff or chewing tobacco


Time of Surgery

Please note that while surgery for a list of patients is scheduled to start at a particular time, only one patient can be anaesthetised and operated on at a time. This means that your surgery may be hours after the scheduled start time for theatre. An estimate of the start time for your procedure may be provided at the pre-anaesthetic assessment. If the surgeon offers an admission time later than the start time of a list, you may only see the anaesthesiologist in the theatre waiting area. If you have a medical condition or want to discuss anything with the anaesthesiologist please contact Dr Corbett before the day of surgery.

PHONE Dr Caroline Corbett